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We are intimately connected to our environment. If we keep the environment healthy, we keep ourselves healthy. It is estimated that 25% of health problems are caused by environmental factors. Is your environment healthy?

Detoxifying your environment is about softening your environmental impact such as reducing waste, gardening organically, protecting wildlife, and eating for the planet. It is also about creating health in your personal environment, such as decluttering your space, cleaning green, and creating a safe haven for yourself. Four Quadrant Living can help you today!

We spray food with pesticides and drive cars that produce pollution. We then eat these foods with the toxic chemicals and breathe the polluted air. Toxic exposure to chemicals can be linked to over 100 diseases and conditions, including asthma, allergies, and even many cancers. Scientists have found more than 100 potentially dangerous industrial chemicals and pollutants in the body of the average American.

The good news is that we have the power to remove many of the toxins in our lives. The health of ourselves and the health of the environment are in alignment. If we improve one, we improve the other.

Below are a few simple ways to reduce your impact on the environment and create a healthier world for you and your children to live in. Find one or more that resonate with you and make a pledge to incorporate them into your life today.

Reduce Clean Green Say No to Plastic
Reuse Properly Dispose of Toxic Waste Save Lives (Adopt & Spay)
Recycle Use Less Energy and Water Travel Lightly
Stop Catalogs              Walk or Bike Instead Simply Be (in Nature)

For additional ideas, check out the Environment Blog.

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