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4-Week 4QL Whole Body Detox

Three different ways to do it to meet your price, time, and motivational needs. You can do it in a group (in the office is $400, online via private facebook page is $375), or on your own by phone ($450). All necessary supplements are included in the price. See details below on the various options.

Here's what 4QL clients are saying
after they complete the program:

♦ "Have more energy"   ♦ "Notice clearer skin"   ♦ "Lost weight"
♦ "Experience fewer digestive issues"   ♦ "Discovered food allergies"     ♦ "Have less inflammation and joint pain"     

The 4-Week 4QL Whole Body Detox program uses the Detox 360 for its nutrition and supplement base and adds on to it with weekly discussions and exercises for each quadrant so that by the end of the program, you have detoxified your mind, body, relationships, and environment!

The Detox program could be right for you if you have been experiencing any of the following:

  • Fatigue or sluggishness
  • Aching joints or muscles
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Digestive problems
  • Brain fog and trouble concentration
  • Difficulty losing weight

Sign up today by clicking on the Buy Now button below to rid your body of toxins, lower inflammation, strengthen your immune system, and reboot your metabolism. I will contact you after receiving payment and send you the supplements and binder to get started!

Detox Options

In office group rate

The group detox meetings are conducted in my Danville office on Tuesdays starting January 21, 2014. Time TBD.

Rate includes:
* 1 educational program binder and 2 DVDS
* 5 group sessions for detox, 1 hour
* All program supplements (Apex Energetics)
      - 2 ClearVite®-SF (K24)
      - 2 OmegaCo3™ (K07)
      - 1 Metacrin-DX™ (K10)
      - 1 LMPH-DRN™ (D07)
      - 1 LVR-DRN™ (D03)
      - 1 KDNY-DRN™ (D05)
      - 1 Nourish Greens™ (K67)

Private rate with coaching by phone $450

Private rate includes all of the above, with 5 private 30-minute sessions conducted over the phone.

Group online via private Facebook page $375

Includes supplements and binder with instruction by me and sharing with others via private Facebook page.


Detox Options
  • Facebook: fourquadrantliving
  • Linked In: /in/dinacolman
  • Twitter: 4quadrantliving
  • YouTube: DinaColman
  • External Link: www.yelp.com/biz/four-quadrant-living-coaching-danville




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